October 25, 2012

How to REGAIN access to your Facebook Acount once it is Compromised..

Facebook accounts are being hacked and compromised a lot these days. So if you or any of your friends have got their Facebook Account compromised we have a tutorial on how to regain it back. The steps are very simple and we just give you a walk through of these steps..

How To Regain Your Facebook Account :

1. Visit this page and click on "My account is Compromised" to start the procedure.

2. Now you need to enter your E-mail or Phone Number or User Name or Enter your name and one of your friend's name to identify your Account.

3.  If you choose E-mail or Password or Username then you will get only account, if you choose to enter your name and your friend's name then you may get more than one accounts to choose from. Select your account and enter your old password with which you used to get access to facebook and then click "continue".


4.  Now choose if you want to get the verification code via E-Mail or on phone via message.

5.  Now go to your Inbox if you want to choose to receive the code via E-Mail or check your cell phone for the message. Input the code you got in the box you see next.

6.  That's all you need to do to Re-Gain access to your Facebook Account back. Now just update your security settings..



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